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US. Discovery Talent Radio was created to serve as a Gateway for the Voiceless to be heard.
We promoted, and coached our artists on our livestream radio programs:
We also promoted some of our artists on our live broadcast radio programs that aired on Wednesday night on 1600 a.m. and Saturday morning on 900 a.m.  
Check out Fame Gateway:
Fame Gateway is a Community Multicultural Network for artists, and people from all way of life can feel safe to communicate with each other without being judged or misunderstood.
This platform is the gateway to FAME for those who wish to test their skills.
Please, be mindful, Fame Gateway is a Multicultural Tryout Social Media Platform for those who believe they have talents and want to test their skills, and at the same time are looking for a safe place they can be themselves without being judged or misunderstood.  
If you are tired of being left behind, or being said no, and not good enough…
Then, US. Discovery Talent Radio, and Fame Gateway is the place to call home!
So, welcome Home!
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