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Life of Paula Escalón

Paula Escalón

Winner of Bikini Spain 2013. She is from Cadiz, she serves in the military and competes in bikini fitness. She loves sport and following a healthy lifestyle.

Her life has been connected to sport from an early age.

Her ambition and motivation are to help all those who, like her, want to be a better version of themselves and improve physically and mentally, always with honesty, discipline and knowledge.

* 2013:
-1st Cádiz Provincial Classified.
-1st Classified Trophy of Andalusia.
-1st Classified National Open “The Night of Champions”.
-1st Classified Cto. Absolute of Andalusia.
-1st Classified National Cup by categories.
-Absolute champion in the National Cup.
-2nd Classified National Open “Don Benito”.
-1st Classified at all Andalucía open Blond Beast.
-1st Classified Cto. Spain category -163.

* 2014:
-1st Classified Open “French”.
-Champion in the National Open “Night of Champions”.
-Champion in National Open “Muscle Power”.
– Runner-up in the IFBB National Cup.

Instagram: @paulaescalon

FB: @paulaescalon

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