Emmanuel Tuffet

Emmanuel Tuffet (born January 1979 Cayes, Haiti) is an Haitian American music producer and co-founder of Tuffmusicproduction.  A native of Haiti, he attended Miami Dade college in Miami, and caught the attention of Dr. Bain from the music department at Miami Dade College who immediately assigned him to the Miami Dade Choir. But exited one semester shy of by his ability even more  as he was playing different  instruments in the choir as either keyboard, guitar, drum, bass, or saxophone.  His passion for, music opting instead to hit the road with his burgeoning Jazz, Kompa, Latin, Gospel, and songwriter before stepping down as band member to pursue is audio engineering degree.  He graduated from SAE Institute with the highest honor.

Since childhood Tuffet has shown an interest and talent for music. At the age of eleven, his father gave him his first keyboard.  By the time he was fourteen, he was a matured musician being able to play in different churches, creating new songs and even founded Universal Band with friends from his hometown in Haiti.

Subsequently hired by producer Chris Didardi from Caliber Record in Orlando, Florida where he remixed KAMA for Alisha Keys, and became interested in the newest generation, also enjoyed a string of successful albums released in the U.S.  It was during this period in his life that Mr. Tuffet began to realize that the production side of the music interested him most.

He is married to Judith Tuffet a community leader in the Tampa Bay area. One of the lowest points in his career was when his wife was diagnosed of breast cancer.   He made the decision to put everything on hold to stand by his spouse despite engagements in French Guiana, Martinique, Guadeloupe, and Dominican Republic.  Emmanuel Tuffet and his spouse are continuously encouraged breast cancer prevention in the Tampa Bay Area and its surroundings communities through music, and public speaking engagements hosted by Anakawona Dance Group.

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